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Top 5 Home Office Essentials

December 27, 2022

Nikki Houser

If you’ve recently started a new job from home or are looking to improve your home office, it’s vital to include the essential tools and furniture for peak productivity. Continue reading our blog to learn about the top 5 home office essentials and how they help to create a more focused and constructive work environment.


Invest in Comfort

Imagine trying to have a productive workday in an uncomfortable chair. Without a comfy workspace, your work will get lost in the constant aches brought on by lower back pain. Investing in a well-made chair will make a notable difference in your daily productivity and physical wellbeing. When picking out an office chair, pay attention to the back and arm support. Also, consider the material options and warranties offered.


Multiple Monitors

No matter the type of work, an additional screen will make most day-to-day tasks easier. Whether your expertise is coding, designing, writing, or researching, dual screens allow you to bounce back and forth between multiple windows effortlessly while also saving time.


Standing Desks

Multiple studies have shown that happier, healthier, and more productive employees have standing desks. And if you’re not ready to commit to purchasing a brand-new desk, Minnesota Office Furniture offers bases to be added onto your current desks, allowing you to raise and lower it to your ideal height.


Quality Lighting

Depending on your workspace’s proximity to natural light, you may need to consider purchasing a desk lamp. And if you’re prone to headaches or eye strain, purchasing LED bulbs for any lamps in your office space can help avoid those issues.

Plant Some Happiness

Adding a few green plants to your office will not only add vibrancy, but also increase your happiness and reduce stress. And if you’re missing out on having a green thumb, no problem. Plenty of low-maintenance plants are also stellar at air purification, ensuring your office feels less stuffy and sterile. The Spider Plant, Dracaena, Ficus, and Boston Fern are all great options.

High-Speed Internet

Most office jobs require the use of high-speed internet. A quality Wi-Fi modem and router provide you with the desired speed and flexibility to move around your office when needed. No matter the internet connection you choose, make sure it offers the speed and features you need to perform your job effectively. If you find yourself struggling with the Wi-Fi signal strength, place your router high off the ground, ensuring no clutter nearby.

As the work world continues to evolve, the opportunity to work from home becomes more common. Ensure you’re in a comfortable and productive space by including our top 5 home office essentials in your house. Minnesota Office Furniture and Techline Twin Cities are here and happy to assist you as you create the perfect at-home office.

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Nikki Houser

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