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Tips to Maximize Home Storage

February 16, 2023

Nikki Houser

While it seems like we can never have too many things, where to put those things can sometimes be an issue. And often the more things we have, the more cluttered the space around us becomes. But Minnesota Office Furniture and Techline Twin Cities is here to help, with a few tips to maximize home storage. Keep reading to learn about some of the options to help reduce clutter at home.

Organize with Baskets or Bins 

Storage baskets or bins are extremely versatile and can help even the most disorganized space become orderly.

Baskets are available in virtually any size and can be tailored to fit your storage needs: large baskets for blankets or pillows, or small baskets for things like pens or phone chargers.

Baskets can also be used as a design element. Place them on shelves to serve as decoration as well as storage. Use them for storing towels in the bathroom or toys in a child’s room.

Bins work well in divided modular units. They create a drawer-type element to fill cubby spaces while other spaces can be left open to display collectibles, books, or knickknacks. Use colored bins for added vibrance or assign specific colored bins for family members to keep everyone’s things organized.

Pull Out All the Stops

Pull out shelves, especially in the kitchen, can help you better utilize your space. Maybe

you need a vertical shelving unit that pulls out from the wall or a drawer that slides out from a cupboard. Whatever your fancy, we can help with these simple ways to increase your storage space.

If you have tall, skinny areas that seem like they’re only good for storing a broom, consider a pull-out shelving unit. Store jars, cans, or spices in these convenient shelves and then tuck them away to keep your kitchen looking tidy.

Storing items in slide-out drawers allows you easier access to those items and, essentially, more storage. You’ll be able to see and easily reach dishes, cleaning supplies, canned goods, or what have you. And you’ll no longer have to pull out other items to reach those in the back; instead, the entire drawer slides out.

Convert Your Closet

What is one of the first places we dump things when we want to quickly clean up? The closet, right? Gone are the days of the clothing and shoe abyss when you transform your closet into an organized cabinet.

Customize your closet to fit your storage and organizational needs. Install bars at different heights to allow for hanging longer items like pants or multiple rows of shirts and blouses. Add vertical shelving units to store shoes and sweaters and make good use of available space. What’s more, you’ll be able to see everything in your closet, taking away the guess work when it comes to your attire.

Float Your Boat (or Shelf)

Combine style and function with floating shelves. These decorative storage options can stand alone or adorn your wall in bunches, spaced out for a look and feel that complements the room. Because these shelves attach directly to the wall, you can also put them above or around other pieces of furniture, artwork, or lighting to, again, take full advantage of your space.

Floating shelves can be used for storage or display — however you see fit. Or you can use them to hold baskets, in which you can also store any number of items safely out of the way.

Media Shelving

For many, the living or family room is a place to gather and watch movies, read, play games, or listen to music. With all these options for activities, the room is likely filled with DVDs, books, board games, and CDs or vinyl records. And maybe your home needs a custom media center to store all of those items.

Media center units can include shelving, drawers, cabinets, and display cases — either open or enclosed. A partial or full-wall organizer can help you store your media offerings for safe keeping and tidiness. Your media center can include spaces for multiple devices, such as speakers or soundbars, stereos, video game consoles, and a TV, which may or may not be your focal point.

Find Your Furniture Solutions

Whether you want your home better organized, less cluttered, or functionally decorative, we have the perfect solutions. These are just a few of the most common tips to maximize home storage, but our options don’t stop here. Minnesota Office Furniture and Techline Twin Cities can work with you to determine your specific storage needs and design a plan to keep your space clutter free. Contact us today to learn more.

Nikki Houser

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