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a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects may be placed. In an office setting used for purposes such as eating, writing, working, or playing games.

Tables, what a great invention!

Who knew there were so many kinds of tables?! There is literally a table for just about anything. Find tables for every type of meeting, private offices, classrooms, and even training spaces. We provide a selection tables that allows you to focus better on making decisions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us, and we can create one!

Conference Tables

The conference table is something that you need to pay attention to. The table should match the size of the room, and allow all participants to comfortably stand, sit, and move around the meeting room.

Training Tables

Selections range from stationary, folding, mobile, and powered.

Lobby/Occasional Tables

The first space your guests will see is the lobby. Welcome clients, guests, and employees with complimenting accents. Scroll through these options to put some pizazz in your work space.

Collaborative Tables

Designed to communicate and fuel creativity, we have different sizes to fit in different spaces.

Build your own Tables

Have a unique space and not seeing what you need? We can create custom laminate tables for you with a variety of bases and colors to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many feet do I need per-person when table planning?

About 2 feet a person minimum. Example, if you need a table for 6 people, you would need a 4 foot table (minimum) two on each side, and one at each end.

What is ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) regulations on tables?

An accessible table has a surface height of no more than 34" and no less than 28" above the floor. At least 27" of knee clearance must be provided between the floor and the underside of the table.

An accessible route provides access to each accessible table and a clear floor area 30"x 48" is provided at each accessible seating location. This clear floor area extends 19" under the table to provide leg and knee clearance.

Is their programmable settings with the sit-stand desks?

Yes, the desks we offer have 4 programmable settings along with an up/down button.

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