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Spring Cleaning Tips for Furniture

March 15, 2023

Nikki Houser

As the warmer weather, blooming flowers, and sunshine approach, there might be one thing on your mind: spring cleaning! Nothing is worse than getting marker on your bright white couch, dropping greasy pizza on your brown leather chair, seeing dust bunnies on your shelves, or getting coffee rings on your beautiful wood desk. Our furniture experts here at Minnesota Office Furniture want to share with you our spring cleaning tips for furniture.


Fabric Furniture

Sometimes fabric can be a little finicky, but if you have the right cleaning products and processes, you can get any stain out of your favorite couch. Here are a few tricks we would like to leave you with when it comes to cleaning your fabric furniture:

  1. Start by vacuuming any crumbs or debris off your couch. You should add this to your regular weekly cleaning list.
  2. Get to that stain as soon as you can! If you leave the red wine for too long, it will most likely leave a stain as it seeps into the fabric.
  3. Spot-treat that small stain with the correct products.
  4. Pour some baking soda over all the fabric to absorb any foul odor that could gradually accumulate.
  5. Once you have let the baking soda sit for a few hours, vacuum it up, as it won’t fully soak into the furniture.


Wood Furniture

There is nothing like an unsightly water ring on your wood tables. If you are trying to keep your wood furniture damage-free, follow these tips.

  • Clean up all spills right away. If it is something sticky, grab a damp washcloth and wipe it up right away. Then make sure to dry it up after to prevent rotting or the wood from falling apart.
  • Add dusting to your weekly cleaning list. This will help to prevent scratches and reduce the risk of sickness in your household.
  • Protect your beautiful wood furniture with the correct cleaning product to make it sparkle and shine.


Leather Furniture

Sticky fingers and muddy paws are bound to cling to your leather furniture. This is why we wanted to give some further insight on how to combat those unnecessary messes.

  • Use a dry cloth or vacuum to remove any debris.
  • Soap and water are your best friends. If you have a milder stain, a washcloth with leather cleaning soap should do the trick.
  • For a more problematic stain, this will require a little research. For example, if you drop your greasy slice of pizza on the leather couch, use water and baking soda, and that stain should come right out.
  • Make sure you dry your furniture thoroughly right away to avoid any mold or mildew growth.
  • Add that protective coat of conditioner. This will help to prevent cracks and any future stains in the leather.


There is nothing like a fresh cleaning when it comes to the beginning of spring. Cleaning your floors, shelves, and sheets is just as important as cleaning your furniture. Leather, fabric, and wood furniture all require different cleaning techniques, but there are lots of simple ways to keep them fresh and clean. If you are on the hunt for new furniture because that pesky stain from three years ago won’t come out, contact Minnesota Office Furniture. One of our specialists would be happy to assist you in finding an even better-fitting piece of furniture for you.

Nikki Houser

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