Safety & Sanitation Covid-19

This page is dedicated to provide resources that will sanitize and keep your office space safe upon re-opening. 

Screen Guards

Before businesses can reopen their offices, an emerging governmental requirement is trending to providing adequate space and barriers between workers. Screen guards can provide an added measure of protection. 

Add these divers to open concept work spaces, low cubicle panels and/or reception areas.

Available in a verity of widths/heights to fit your space and keep your employees protected when getting back to work is necessary.

Work Station Cubicle Panels Extension

For Open Desk/Benching Concept

Movable Walls

Made in the USA, these walls are completely customizable. These room dividers are designed for function and versatility. Create meeting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces, break rooms, customer or patient waiting rooms, and private work areas without incurring costly construction.  Design each panel, then connect them together to construct the workspace that works for you. Add a hinge kit, wall mount, fixed feet or mobile casters and the configuration options are limitless.

  • Framework is constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion, anodized or powder coated for an aesthetic and durable finish
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Our acoustic core material, EchoScape™ 3/8” (9mm) effectively controls noise
    disruptions by absorbing sound and is NRC rated at 0.85
  • Room divider panels can be hinged together to create 2, 3 or 4-way configurations

Wall Options

Anti Viral Fog, Vital Oxide

Applied using a fog sprayer, Vital Oxide is a registered hospital grade disinfectant and evaporates quickly. Its safe to use in small spaces or high-traffic areas.

Vital Oxide is not only used by hospitals and food preparation facilities but classroom and offices,  where thorough disinfection is critical. It’s  to requires no rinsing, so it can be quickly applied to make surfaces safe for use. Plus, Vital Oxide can be used on nearly ANY surface – including fabrics and carpets – and penetrates to clean porous surfaces like wood and concrete.

Chemically, Vital Oxide attaches to molecules and causes oxidation, breaking down cell walls and permanently destroying bacteria, viruses and molds. This is also what makes Vital Oxide a great deodorizing treatment – it attaches to the particles that cause odors and eliminates them, getting rid of foul smells forever.

Starting at $300. for 2,000 sq ft office, then 19 cents per square foot after, makes this the perfect solution to disinfect your spaces and keep your employees safe. Click HERE to see FAQ’s sheet.

Cubicle Panel Cleaning

Get into the fabric and soap, sanitize and suck out the the dirt and germs. Your office will not only look specular but it will be safe to get back to work

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It is recommend to clean your commercial floors 1-2 times a month for heavy traffic spaces like entrances and ground floor halls. For medium-small traffic areas like administrative offices or above ground halls, 4 times a year (quarterly) is ideal. Honestly, when is the last time your shampooed your carpets, if at all since your lease started?

With the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 now is a good time to get stared protecting your employees, visitors and clients. The floor is a catch all to all things. Lift the dirt and grime out and get clean today.


If you don't invest in your business others won't either. Create enjoyable workspaces with responsible furniture.