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Cu·bi·cle /ˈkyo͞obək(ə)l/
plural noun: cubicles
a small partitioned-off area of a room containing a desk in an office.

Pre-Owned Cubicles

Previously owned workstations are the best choice if your looking for the quickest installation, and most cohesive look at a cost effective price.

Refurbished Cubicles

Refurbished workstations are awesome, which is why we specialize in them. They are the most flexible & cost effective option in any category.

New Cubicles

Whether you're looking for an open or shared concept, we have new lines that are going to make you smile. We only pick partners that produce quality products that we are proud to stand behind.

We offer Pre-Owned, Refurbished, and New Cubicles.
Whatever your needs are, we can cover them.

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So what's the difference and why do you have so many choices?

We realize that every business is unique, and is in a different place than the next. Minnesota Office Furniture welcomes any business with a commercial furniture inquiry. We want to provide the right solution for you and will work to determine your companies needs based on how your company operates, as well as, what works best within your  budget.

Think of it like buying a new car: you have a used car that still looks great, gets you from point A to point B and can save you a considerable amount of money.  Or, a new car that will have a greater initial cost but it is necessary for your lifestyle or is the latest trend.  Thirdly, you have a previously owned car that’s been reupholstered, re-painted and the engine has been re-stored to it’s original state…that’s your refurbished option!

Pre-Owned Cubicles

Previously Owned works stations are an “as-is” option for furnishing your office. Our inventory is always changing with cubicles, chairs, desk units and other accessories from top manufacturer’s such as: Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase and more.  Please CLICK HERE to view our Previously Owned page or contact us for current inventory.

Refurbished Cubicles

All these pictures are refurbished workstations that clients have designed based on their needs. Like buying new, you can customize size, heights, storage requirements, fabric selections, paint colors and laminate finishes to create your ideal work environment.  The only difference from new furniture is you’ll see a 30-50% costs savings!  We manufacture everything locally in Maple Grove MN.

New Cubicles

Our new line, Friant, carries multiple solutions that span from frame & tile based systems to laminate based systems which can be intermingled with each other making the creation of your new space both easy and exciting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the turn around take between the 3 options of cubicles?

Pre-owned: 2-3 weeks
Refurbished: 4-5 weeks
New: 6+ weeks

Are there marks or dings in the pre-owned or refurbished furniture?

With anything previously owned, there will most likely be signs of wear and tear. Typically all are cosmetic, but that doesn't mean it isn't fixable. For example, dirty marks on fabric can be cleaned or a scratch in a baseboard could be moved to a place no one sees. However, all systems we provide are inspected and appraised as fully functional. Most of the pre-owned options we have are too nice to refurbish which is why we are offering them as a used option. All previously owned furniture is sold "as-is."

Refurbished is a little different. The core of the panel is used; however, all fabric and sometimes desktops are new. The edging and storage is repainted to cover any scuffs that were once there. The only small imperfections you MIGHT find is a filing cabinet with a small ding on the side or back. Once placed under the desk, no one sees it. The reality is, the nearly unnoticeable flaws will not outweigh the cost and environmental savings.

Can I redo my current cubicles and make them look new again?

It depends on the system. Think of office furniture systems like Legos. They all connect together with different pieces and parts to make a layout. If you have a system we refurbish then, yes, we can reconfigure the layout or refurbish your panels to look new again. Contact us for more details about your office.

If you don't invest in your business others won't either. Create enjoyable workspaces with responsible furniture.