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Who are our people, and how are we different?

Our people are commercial businesses who have whole/partial offices to furnish, or are growing.  They also value the option to save a little here, to splurge over there!

Our clients are looking to spend between a minimum of $10,000 (usually an office of 5 people) to over a $1,000,000 which encompasses several hundred employees.  If your reading this and fit into this category, why hello!

So how can we help and what do you mean about saving-to-splurge above? We are down right unique (and proud to say so), as we have the ability to offer three categories of furniture: Previously Owned, Refurbished & New.  We provide options to save money on some items, so you can allocate money in your budget to others; or, just be able to add the latest ergonomic luxuries, like a sit-stand base that would originally be too costly.

We also offer design and planning services to bring your vision to life.

  • Space Planning & Design
  • Project Management
  • Nationwide Delivery & Installation
  • Previously Owned
    • Premium lines for less
    • Fact: Everything is used after day 1
    • Ready
    • Less decisions, less of a headache
    • Economical
    • Highly functional
    • Budget saver
  • Refurbished
    • Like new
    • Same design process
    • Saves a ton of money!
    • Flexible
    • Eco Friendly
    • Low depreciation, better quality
    • Local
    • Everyone loves refurbished furniture (except the new dealers.)
  • New
    • On-trend
    • Latest built-in technology
    • Status revealing
    • Most comfortable options on the market
    • Variety of warranty options
    • Easier to sell or donate

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Refurbished Savings Calculator

When you don't have to pay for the raw materials, labor, or energy needed to make new furniture; the savings are tremendous. Check out the calculator to see the dollars you can save.
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