Trending Furniture Style Guide to Help You Style Your Office in 2020

BY Ryan Houser|November 1, 2019

Ryan Houser

Ryan Houser has over 20 years of experience with new, used, and refurbished office furniture. Since 15, he has worked every position including installing systems and designing concepts that work for businesses all over the state.

An office is more than just desks and cubicles. It’s desk chairs, break rooms, common areas, conference rooms, desk organization, and…mousepads. Considering we spend a large majority of our lives at work, it’s important to make it feel comfortable, stylish, and a little home-away-from-home. More and more are we moving away from cubicle farms, and more and more into functional, modular workspaces.

We looked at color and furniture trends predicted to come in 2020 and threw together a style guide to help you get your office space on-trend in the coming year.

Desk Chairs

Having a good desk chair is incredibly important to have. If you work in an office, chances are you spend a lot of time at a desk, in a chair, and it should be comfortable, but also stylish. A brand we love to work with is 9 to 5 Seating. Not only are they super trendy, but they offer an amazing lifetime warranty.

You can use their online chair designer to get the exact chair you want, based on your needs and style preference. The tool allows you to customize everything from the fabric and casters to the actual arms, legs, the tilt controls. You can build your dream chair all the way down to the color of the wheels. Amazing!

Conference Tables

Minnesota Office Furniture can design the exact conference room table you want for your office. If you are looking to find a table that is cohesive with the rest of your office, we can actually match materials and cut custom sizes. In fact, making customer conference tables is something we do often. There is definitely something to be said about the beautiful grains of the wood on a shiny new table. Wooden tables are timeless and go with anything.

Sofas & Armchairs

Hybrid office spaces have been popping up that have elements of open-office concept, and private cubicles and desks. One thing they all have in common is a common area where people can take their break, have a quick check-in with a co-worker, or just break up the workday with a little sofa time with their laptop. In 2020 you will see a lot of modular furniture that can move around or be reconfigured to make room for more employees, switching out styles, and just creating a flexible workplace that never gets too stuffy.

An awesome brand to get trendy office furniture is Lesro Seating. They have sofas and armchairs with high backs from their Harmony Collection. With multiple customizable configurations, you can get your office a seating area, or working area that is modern, but timeless.


Desk Organization

Your desk is your space to self-express, but also keep things tidy. In a digital age where we don’t use a lot of paper, desk organization has become more and more minimal. Computer or laptop risers with small space underneath are a great way to keep your desk tidy and hide any small clutter you have underneath, while also raising your computer to an ergonomic height. Basically, desk organization comes down to having an efficient workspace on your desktop. Monitor arms from Magnus Group are an amazing way to lift your monitor, or cubicle wall, to create more desktop space for decor and other organization.

With more space on your desk you can make room for low-light, indoor plants like Snake plants, English ivy, and Aloe. Cord collectors and holders can help manage all your electronics, and make plugging in your phone super easy. New iPhones even have wireless charging capabilities, so getting a cordless charging station for your work desk can ensure you always have a place to charge your phone and don’t have to burn out your charging port.

Floor & Table Lamps

If your office doesn’t have natural light, chances are your main source of light is coming from overhead fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lighting can be bad for your eyes, causing headaches or even migraines. More and more, offices are integrating softer light in the office with track lighting, or floor and tables lamps to offset harsh office building lighting. IKEA has great Japanese style paper lamps that can soften the light in your office, and are built for small spaces. They are energy-efficient and very affordable so you can furnish your entire office with them if you wanted! It’s been said that warm light can increase productivity and focus.

Offices in 2020 are going to be homey, warm, inviting, and truly embracing a work-life balance by making the office a place that is less stuffy, and more enjoyable. Let us help you get the office of your dreams. Give us a call anytime for your next office renovation or upgrade.

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Ryan Houser

Ryan Houser has over 20 years of experience with new, used, and refurbished office furniture. Since 15, he has worked every position including installing systems and designing concepts that work for businesses all over the state.

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