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Who are our people, and how are we different?

Welcome to MOF!
Spaces Designed for Work+Life: Your (EVERYTHING) Resource for Commercial, Residential, and FF&E.

Our people are residential clients as well as commercial businesses who have spaces to furnish.  No job is too big or too small!  They also value the option to save a little here, to splurge over there.  In addition to custom design and products, we pride ourselves in being the top eco-friendly furniture manufacturer in Minnesota!  With new & custom designs as well as our refurbished  furniture products, we provide an array of endless options.  Our goal is to create your space into everything you’ve dreamed and more!
Quality is our standard. Our customers are our passion.

So how can we help and what do you mean about saving-to-splurge above? We are downright unique (and proud to say so), as we have the ability to offer three categories of furniture: Previously Owned, Refurbished & New.  We provide options to save money on some items, so you can allocate money in your budget to others; or, just be able to add the latest ergonomic luxuries, like a sit-stand base that would originally be too costly.

We also offer design and planning services to bring your vision to life.

  • Space Planning & Design
  • Project Management
  • Nationwide Delivery & Installation
  • Previously Owned
    • Premium lines for less
    • Fact: Everything is used after day 1
    • Ready
    • Less decisions, less of a headache
    • Economical
    • Highly functional
    • Budget saver
  • Refurbished
    • Like new
    • Same design process
    • Saves a ton of money!
    • Flexible
    • Eco Friendly
    • Low depreciation, better quality
    • Local
    • Everyone loves refurbished furniture (except the new dealers.)
  • New
    • On-trend
    • Latest built-in technology
    • Status revealing
    • Most comfortable options on the market
    • Variety of warranty options
    • Easier to sell or donate

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Refurbished Savings Calculator

When you don't have to pay for the raw materials, labor, or energy needed to make new furniture; the savings are tremendous. Check out the calculator to see the dollars you can save.
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